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What is being done locally and globally to help people? Friday, Mar 19 2010 

Radio, it is Vy again from Phuket. It has been almost a week filled up with despression and emotions. Now, Phuket seems way better as it was couple days ago. It is good to announce that the government is finally taking care about this problem. There are more Red Cross stations along the sides and the world is now heading to Phuket.

What is being done locally?

The government is finally setting up a special airway for the UN and the Red Cross to come over and help the people. There is an army from Bangkok is sent to Phuket to secure the safety of this town at the moment. Phuket now is more stable than it was before, people are getting fresh, they are helping the workers cleaning the paths for the trucks to come.

Many volunteers from the other parts of Thailand have been sent to Phuket to build up temporary shelters for the victims. There are also rescuers to come to cleaning the roads and searching for the missing people. They are also helping the Red Cross people to deliver the injured people to the station.

Many donations from people across Thailand have been collected over the last few days. It shows that Phuket is recovering from this natural disaster.

What is being done globally ?

The first stakeholder is always the United Nations. Within hours of the first reports of the tsunami hiting Phuket, the first mission was to assess the damage and estimate the relief requirements of the victims. The United Nations has donated a biggest amount of money to recover the damages of this tsunami.

The Red Cross has been working its full pontentially over the last few days on rescuing people. A hundred doctors are sent to Phuket with huge amount of medical supplies, they are trying to decrease the toll of death and injured. Together with the UN, they are making the situation getting better and better.

The World Bank also offered $100 USD to help the tsunami victims rebuild their lives. The World Bank also agreed to reduce the debt of Thailand for this year because of this natural disaster. 

At the moment, all the world is heading to the victims of the Phuket Tsunami and together helping them to heal the wounds that the catastrophy tsunami has left on them. People around the world are donating money day by day. Most of the schools are doing the fundraising to help the victims in Phuket by donating money and writing letters..

Until now, the donation is raise up to 1990 US dollars. The situation is getting much better. I’m hoping that the Phuket victims soon can forget this catastrophe and able to moving on with their futures.

If you cannot give a life, you can save a life

What could the government have done? Friday, Mar 19 2010 

Hello. This is Vy again, still recording the information of the Phuket tsunami 2010. It has been 4 days already, people are so angry about why the government hasn’t speak up about this catastrophe. The silent remains from the government of Thailand is making the people frustrating.

As you know, the tsunami just hit Phuket after 5 years since the Boxing Day 2004. People around the world expected that the government should be prepared for this natural disaster already, rather than let it happened with no preparation. It was a massive suprise for all the people those are living in Phuket about no alert of this tsunami.

So, what could the government have done to help prevented so much destruction ?

To the people those are living in the coastline areas, where tsunami is able to occur any time its want. The government should have a Tsunami Warning System as a preparetion for the unexpected tsunamis.

_Tsunami Evacuation Signs can be build up along the way, near the beaches.

_ Radio System should be put around the area to announce peope before the inundation. (including the information and instructions for people to follow)

_ Maps of tsunami-inundation and evacuation routes have to be put up along the way.

_Tsunami Warnings should be broadcast on local radio, TVs and the Weather Radio. Weather Radio is the prime alerting and critical information delivery system of National Weather Service.

_ Signs of tsunami and the evacuations should be teach to the local people and children as schools. ( Disaster Education).

_ Make disaster plans before disaster occurs. The local people should be trained so they know what they can do to protect themselves. There should be some trials so people don’t panic when it comes.

_ The local offices MUST show them which areas are most vulnerable to tsunami hazards, which routes are best for evacuation.

The government should respond to this more seriously, even though there is politic crisis going over Thailand at the moment.

The death and destruction of Phuket catastrophe! Friday, Mar 19 2010 

Hi, this is Vy again, reporting back about the death and destruction of Phuket catastophe. It has been 3 days already since the tsunami happened and the tsunami left the beautiful Phuket in chaos, one more time.

The tsunami that just happened was a big suprise for people living in Phuket, the government hasn’t said anything about why there wasn’t a warning system. Estimates of the death and injuried toll are continuing to rise from 2600 – 3000 people in Phuket. More than one thousand people are homeless. Hundreds of kids are missing their parents, and in other way. The destruction of this enormous tsunami is irreplaceable. The smell of dead bodies is punget everywhere, people are mourning for the loss of their beloved people. The peaceful Phuket of 3 days ago has been replaced by the pandemonium on the Boxing Day 2004.

Below here is the brief information about the deaths from this Tsunami:

  • Death: 3000 people.
  • Injured: 1560 people.
  • Missing: 200 people.

And many people who did survive are struggling to stay alive and the WHO estimates that 400 people are without basic needs. People are desperate for medicals, food and water. People are jostling each other in front of the Red Cross stations. They are shouting, screaming, hitting or even killing each other because they all want to survive.

The tsunami has gone and left behind chaos. Many buildings, schools and hospitals are collapsed. The palm trees along the beach are all broken down. All the resorts, buildings and houses are all collapsed. Scenes of destruction is repeated across place to place, as the scene of grief with residents searching in vain for the beloved ones covering all Phuket. This tsunami has resulted in damage of up to 6.0 millions dollars until this moment.

The tsunami has left a big impact on people lives in Phuket. The most damaged is the children of the families who living along the coasts. Their parents are gone forever and they are still so small, how could they deal with this catastrophe? It is so frustrated to looking at the younger kids sitting on the collapsed tents and staring around. They don’t have enough money to buy new items nor even take care for themselves. It is so dissapointed to see that no one even noticed about those kids or show them where the Red Cross stations are. CHAOS!

An eye witness account of Phuket Tsunami 2010. Friday, Mar 19 2010 

Hi, this is Vy from Phuket again. One day after the tsunami swamped over Phuket, things turned out to be chaos. The toll of deaths and loss is still recording and thousands bodies still cover the area. I just have an interview with a 9-year-old Karl Nilsson, the little boy was on the holiday with his family and he has faced with a logistical nightmare in over the last hours. 


Everything just happened was a nightmare. Thats no words could describe how terrible it was. After a few minutes, the beautiful Phuket has been displaced by a terrible place like the Hiroshima after atomic bombs. 

I was still sleeping with my parents and 2 brothers. We didn’t feel the earthquake, actually it was bouncing a little but me and my family didn’t noticed about it. There was no warning at all. 

I heard people shouting outside “tsunami,tsunami” outside the windows. But it seemed too late for my family to evacuate at the right time. Then the huge-terrible waves started to attacking the windows, I was panic and neither my family. 

The glass shattered everywhere, we were trying to get out as soon as possible. I felt like I was drowning, I couldn’t feel anything because the water was over my neck. I didn’t know what was happened to my family too.. Mommy was screaming for help, brothers were crying. Luckily, I swam out of the room, forcing my way through the furnitures and up to the tree. Everything was collapse, the tree was breaking down and I was thrust back into the giant waves. I had to try a lot to keep my head above the water, I was hang on to the big branch and that was kept me survive. 

After the shocks. 

Finally I was survived. But my family? I had no ideas at all. 

Absolute devastation. The scene around was one of total and absolute devastation. People were desperate  for foods. People were waiting for the rescues. I was looking for my family. 

People were all in shock. The smell of bodies was extremely pungent. 

Everything was collapsed and destroyed. It was the end. I lost everything. 


Everyone (including Karl) has a sad story with loss and despair.

Tsunami hit Phuket, again ! Thursday, Mar 18 2010 

Hi, I’m Vy reporting from the Phuket in Thailand. On the 14th of March, 9:00 local time, the earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 has shook the Pacific Ocean and that has generated  a catastrophic tsunami waves in 10meters high within 25minutes that devastated many towns in this country. The catastrophy just hit Phuket once more time, after 5 years.

The epicenter of 8.7 quakes was under the ocean caused of the massive change in the seafloor at the tectonic plate boundaries. The ocean floor was rise up unexpectedly, the massive volume of water above has been displaced and a series of power and dangerous waves were crashed the entire Phuket, resulting in damage of over 5.6 millions dollars and claiming about 2600 lives of innocent people in Phuket.

Phuket was the place that the Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 hit about 5 years ago, people have been experienced about this terrible natural disaster. It was so frustrating to know that people haven’t prepared for this giant tsunami, people didn’t get any alert from the governments of Thailand because there is Politic Crisis occurring in Thailand over a week ago. The Politic Crisis hasn’t stop yet and the tsunami just occurred. How will Thai people deal with this CATASTROPHY ?

Tsunami Explaination. Thursday, Mar 18 2010 

What is Tsunami ?

Tsunami is a Japanese word to describe  “harbour waves”. Tsunami is a huge series of waves generate by an impulsive disturbance in the body of water that has been displaced unexpectedly.


The causes of tsunami:

Tsunami can be cause by earthquake, landslide and volcanic eruptions or extraterrestrial collision.

  • Earthquake beneath the sea:

Earthquake starts tsunami.

Waves spreading out from the epicenter.

Tsunami occurs when a large volume of water has been displaced in the ocean. It is also known as earthquake under the sea causes of the massive change at the seafloor at the tectonic plate boundaries. The tectonic earthquake occurs when the edges hitting into one another. Such edges are called fault lines. The forces along the faults have been accumulating over a long period of time, so when the rocks finally break out, the earthquake occurs. The denser plate subducts under the other plate and that leads to the rise or fall of the sea floor. The moment of the ocean floor rises up or sink down unexpectedly, the massive volume of water above has been displaced and create a series of power and dangerous waves. Those massive waves begin to spread out from the epicenter of the earthquake. As long as the waves reach to the coastline, they would get higher and bigger as the sea floor gets shallower.

  • Underwater landslide:

When the landslide travels down to the the slope. It fleets and creates a momentary pressure behind itself that pushes the water down while it also pushes the massive volume of water in front of it  forward. When the landslide travels outward, it creates a large series of waves that hitting to the coast.

  • Volcanic eruptions:

Volcano eruption can cause tsunami.

1)      When the volcano erupts, the collapse of coastal can also disturb in amount of water undersea or undersea volcanoes.

2)      The pyroclastic flow of the volcanoes which is made of dust, ash and gas pushing the volcanic slopes down to the sea.

3)      The volcano collapse after its eruption, makeing the overlying water drop down suddenly.

  • Extraterrestrial Collision:

Tsunamis that caused by extraterrestrial collision ( meteors, asteroids) are rarely occur. No tsunami that caused by (meteors and asteroids) has been recorded over the last century by the scientists, but they believed that this movement would be like throwing a rock into a pond, but on a larger scale. The ripples of the asteroids would be a massive tsunami, increasing in size and it would sweep out all the towns.

Structure of a tsunami:

The tsunami has 3 layers : -a magnitudeal layer which is 3-4 meters deep.

– individual layer which is 6-7 meters deep and,

– vantiallian layer which is 10-12 meters deep.

Tsunami waves move terribly faster than people expected it to be. The tsunami waves can be hundreds kilometers in length, it moves as its highest speed come across huge distance. But the dangerous thing is the waves don’t lose much energy.

Tsunami spread around from the place of water has been displaced, it is the same as the way the ripples appear when the rock is dropped down to the lake.

Almost of the tsunamis occur within the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring Of Fire”, a geologically active area where the shifts tectonic create volcanoes and earthquakes.